Family Care Foundation, an international not-for-profit charity organization

Family Care Foundation (FCF) operates programs in developing nations, makes grants, and provides training for grassroots organizations in the Third World, participating in a wide variety of community-based initiatives.

Family Care Foundation's international relief and development network
spans 5 continents.

Our Global Network

In 1997 Family Care Foundation (FCF) initiated its global relief and development network, the Mission Support & Humanitarian Services Program (MSHSP), to conduct our programs and address the management and administrative needs of grass roots organizations worldwide. FCF Projects span 5 continents, providing both emergency humanitarian services and sustained development in an efficient and cost-effective manner.

Family Care Foundation's critical strength is the breadth, depth and scope of our programs.
Based on the premise that there are many effective programs and approaches already making a lasting difference in the lives of others, Family Care Foundation attempts to identify existing, successful programs to help achieve our mission, and to help them build their capacity.

Working in joint venture partnerships and coalitions that strengthen global grassroots philanthropy and its leadership, our unique approach leverages the resources entrusted to our care. Family Care Foundation provides for our Projects and Managers the support network, information disbursement, education, training, capacity building, technical assistance, and seed funds. We also provide monitoring, evaluation, and grant administration as an intermediary for U.S.-based funders.

By drawing on a wide range of training, educational, and advocacy resources, as well as networking with other agencies, the yield is fruitful partnerships and collaborations on both the operational, as well as the funding level, with a diverse array of partner agencies and individuals. We coordinate similar programs on a global level, identify and share best practices among Project Managers, market global needs, obtain donor support, and coordinate required and appropriate reporting.

Our programs build on the extensive experience and broad network of our local Project Managers, the majority of whom have years of hands-on experience in humanitarian and/or missionary work. Many are citizens of the nations they serve and/or have extensive experience in their respective countries, are fluent in the local language, knowledgeable of the local culture, and have broad, enthusiastic support from government agencies, businesses, and donors. The fact that FCF Partner Projects tend to enjoy strong links and relationships with a host of government officials, private businesses, and influential individuals, has helped earn Family Care Foundation a proven track record for implementing change in the communities we serve.

Cost effective use of charitible dollars
Last but not least, one of Family Care Foundation's core values is to remain extremely cost-effective in our use of charitable dollars. We strive to keep FCF's administrative overhead as low as possible. Cost effectiveness is further multiplied by the increased buying power of the dollar abroad, and the fact that grassroots investment offers a tremendous return on philanthropic investment.

Family Care Foundation (FCF):
Acts as an incubator for effective philanthropic ideas and entrepreneurial leadership.

Provides both direct service delivery as well as training and technical assistance.

Was incorporated in 1997 with the mission to enhance the quality of life for all members of the global community, especially those who are poor, suffering, or are otherwise disadvantaged.

Benefits of Giving to Family Care Foundation (FCF):
Is set up to make giving internationally easier and more effective, eliminating many of the challenges encountered by those wishing to help deserving causes abroad.

Professional grant-making staff knowledgeable of, and experienced in, overseas work.

Due diligence and accountability. We handle all legal and regulatory issues, ensuring that funds arrive safely and are properly used, as well as monitoring grantee effectiveness.

Tax deductibility. As a qualified public charity, contributions to FCF are eligible for maximum allowable federal tax deduction.

Low administrative overhead.

Family Care Foundation has access to tried and proven organizations on all continents. Qualified and effective projects have been pre-screened and are accountable to FCF, and thus to you, the donor.

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