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Family Care Foundation (FCF) is an international not-for-profit charity organization.
Family Care Foundation operates programs in developing nations, makes grants, and provides training for
grassroots organizations in the Third World, participating in a wide variety of community-based initiatives.

Family Care Foundation FCF International Relief and Development • orphans & street kids • education • emergency services 
 medical services • computer literacy • aids care • disabilities • drug awareness • food & other services

Click here to read about Family Care Foundation's tsunami rebuilding in India
Click here to read about Family Care Foundation's tsunami rebuilding in Indonesia

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Family Care Foundation currently works in close to 50 countries, providing both emergency humanitarian services and sustained development in an efficient and cost-effective manner. Family Care Foundation has access to tried and proven organizations on all continents, where qualified and effective projects have been pre-screened and are accountable to Family Care Foundation, and thus to you, the donor.

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