Providing Short-term Relief & Long-term Solutions
3 billion human beings live in absolute poverty, on less than $2 a day. 800 million people, many of these children, suffer chronic malnutrition. Every day 20,000 children age 5 or under die from hunger or hunger-related causes. These harsh realities face millions each day, unrelentingly. Enacting our mission to enhance the quality of life for all members of the global community, FCF partners work hard to bring both short-term relief and long-term solutions.
Food & Other Services Main Page
Norway: Humanitarian aid shipped throughout Eastern Europe. South Africa: Food, clothing and educational materials to needy. Thailand: Assistance to orphanages and other institutions.
Mexico: Over 20,000 hot meals served to 1000’s each year. Philippines: 1,000 students fed for the low cost of US $200. Cambodia: Providing healthy food for orphans and street kids

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